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21 Feb

The home screen is the same as all iPhone models; but, iPhone 5 Reviews if you want, you can customize the screen to your ideal settings and layout, and move the apps and icons to the positions that you most want to see them at when you turn your phone on. One major drawback is the fact that you can customize and sync your gmail account, making it tougher to access emails. This is namely because of Cloud restrictions, and the fact that iOS6 is not compatible with the email settings. Outside of this, most of the updates are the same, you will continually be prompted to download new updates, and you will find many of the same features as the older models. iPhone 5 Reviews This is a big improvement, especially for those who do browse the web and go online often. You are still going to get cached screen models if you do not shut the browser down after use, but you are going to get far faster load times when you do go online.It will depend if you are on wi fi or using the LTE capabilities, as to how fast it is going to load pages, but you are going to notice faster speeds.You will find it easier for general browsing, and you will find there are many issues from the iPhone 4 and 4S that have been worked out by Apple on this front.Being a leader in the app industry, you can’t go wrong with Apple. With so many updates, you should find the latest app that is compatible with iOS6. iPhone 5 Reviews You will also find there are constant updates, and you can find free and paid for apps with Apple, meaning you can find an app for nearly anything. And, if you are looking for fun new features, the company is constantly coming out with apps for your pleasure, business use, fun, or any other types of app you might be on the market for.There are very few issues on this end, but it is of course going to depend on your carrier of choice, especially if you purchase the phone unlocked. will also find that if you are on speaker phone, it is one of the clearest calls you will ever experience, and this is not something other companies can boast about in call quality. You should get great reception, and should not experience dropped calls when you are on the iPhone, so this is not an area of concern for buyers.This is a huge issue with this phone. If you connect the charger, or if you connect it to your computer to sync songs and movies, you will notice it is very poorly designed. You will also notice it when you connect your charger to the phone. It is not going to fall out, but it is not a very sturdy design, and there are surely issues on this end of the phone’s functionality and use, and requires the owner to be extremely gentle when connecting and disconnecting the phone.You The phone is also lacking on this front. iPhone 5 Reviews There are few contours, and it is not all that comfortable in your hand. Especially when web browsing, since the phone is quite small, it can feel uncomfortable. It probably is something you are used to if you have owned iPhones in the past, but Apple does not stand out with this product feature. The lack of edges, and boxed design, make it a phone that is not ideal for long term use or browsing. It is something you get used to, but a few curves wouldn’t have hurt the phone at all.The case being glass, as opposed to aluminum, doesn’t seem like a huge issue on the face, but if you consider possible uses, it might be.